Thursday 09. January 2020

#7 How to save money with hotel cosmetics

It’s the small things – replacing multi-use toiletry amenities in hotels, like mini shampoo bottles, can save a lot of money.

Using closed dispenser systems in hotels not only saves the environment but also saves money. By eliminating mini shampoo bottles in hotels, 30 to 50 per cent of costs can be economised. How? First, as there is less material used in the production of the bigger bottles, making the products is cheaper in comparison. Second, with closed dosage systems, the product itself can be used efficiently: guests can take as much or as little as they want, which means you don’t have to throw half the shampoo away just because it is open. Also, most systems are drip-free and can be completely emptied with nothing left in the bottle. And finally, as housekeeping staff only need up to five seconds to replace a dispenser, do not need to check the bottles and do not need to carry around a lot of items, housekeeping is way faster, which means reduced staff costs as well.

We tested our Smart Care Dispenser Systems in a 30-day trial in three Godfrey hotel rooms and found out that up to USD 47,193.60 could be saved depending on the cosmetics line chosen. And guests were so satisfied with the reusable toiletry amenities that we recommend selling amenity kits to those who want to take some home. Why not try it out?

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press + wash Dispenser System

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Smart Care Dispenser System

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Pump Dispenser System

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