Tuesday 11. February 2020

# 9 What does your hotel stand for?

To get people to talk about their hotels, we must give them a story.

Start with the category. Innovative and offering extraordinary activities or rooms? Or sophisticated luxury? Wholesome and homely? Or mindful of regional experiences and health? Then comes the theme: romantic, mid century, Scandi, slow or smart living, green – you name it. But make sure to stress the hotel’s sustainability, as it has increasingly become part of every style. And take a first step to prove it with ADA Cosmetics International’s reusable toiletry amenities instead of mini shampoo bottles.

Tell me where you sleep, and I tell you who you are. Granted, the saying might be a bit different, but it still has a point: hotels need a style to which they stick and which defines them in order to get the perfect target group that sticks with them.

And to define what you want to represent, it might help to find your position in one of the four main categories – or in the mix of two of them: the innovative hotels, the sophisticated ones, the wholesome/homely hotels or the mindful ones.

Innovative hotels offer adventure, challenges and new experiences. Often you can find sports activities there or extraordinary forms of overnight accommodation.

Sophisticated hotels are based on luxury. They are about letting yourself be indulged, seeing and being seen, and creating status experiences. Perfect service is a definite requirement.

Wholesome/homely hotels are where guests feel like they’re staying with family. There, personal and cordial hospitality is the most important factor next to outdoor activities and experiencing nature. People go there for recreation and relaxation.

Mindful hotels are the ones where you can do something for your health or gain cultural or regional experiences. They often offer regional products along with a good price– performance ratio, so that guests are supplied stress-free.

All of these hotels attract different types of people and therefore also need different amenities, from various services to hotel cosmetics. Whether completely fair and ecofriendly hotel amenities or a luxurious line that leaves nothing to be desired, ADA Cosmetics International’s closed dispenser systems fulfil all those needs and help guests to experience a holiday that might become the story of their lives.

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# 10 How do you fill?

Getting rid of single-use plastic toiletry bottles is the first step towards hotel sustainability. Right refills the second.

Many hotels switch to open dispenser systems to save costs and reduce...