Monday 09. March 2020

# 11 How ADA Cosmetics International produces eco-friendly hotel amenities

ADA Cosmetics International is all in for multi-use toiletry amenities, which themselves contain reusable materials.

ADA Cosmetics International has been in the cosmetic business for 40 years, having developed the press + wash system three decades ago, pump dispensers eleven years ago and the Smart Care Dispsenser System nine years ago. Of course, we keep constantly improving and adjusting these products together with hoteliers and hotel chains worldwide, gathering their feedback as well as that of their guests. So, we are quite the experts when it comes to hotel cosmetics and closed dispenser systems in hotels.

And due to the 128 million eco-friendly dispensers we have produced, we have prevented 5.8 billion mini shampoo bottles being used in hotels. Apart from that, we have put a lot of effort into producing reusable toiletry amenities in a sustainable way. For instance, we buy and produce regionally, we engage in low-emission production and limit our water and energy use. Also we turn endogenous production heat into natural gas. Of course, we also buy eco-friendly detergent and office equipment, give valuable materials back to recycling and use outer packaging multiple times.

And that is not all: we had already reduced the proportion of PVC bottles to 1.95 per cent by 2017 and are still working on increasing the proportion of alternative materials for our bottles. One example of success is the Naturals press + wash dispenser that is already made of 100 per cent recycled PET. To achieve even more, a project team has been set up to deal with the use of alternative plastics such as post-consumer recycling (PCR), bioplastics, ocean waste plastic (OWP) and plastic-free alternatives. That way, waste can be reduced by not using single-use plastic toiletry bottles in hotels and by using reusable materials for the big bottles.

We use our expertise to ensure that the whole process from production to the final product is as sustainable as possible – a commitment to sustainability that hotels can pass on to their guests.

press + wash Dispenser System

Bestseller | Proven | Economical | Recycled Materials

Smart Care Dispenser System

Contemporary | Extra-hygienic | Sustainable | Easy handling

Pump Dispenser System

Retail Look | Flexible | Convenient | Sustainable

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