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ADA Cosmetics International has international expertise and develops products of the highest quality and safety in cooperation with hotels and hotel chains. We have been successfully producing cosmetic products for 40 years, offering innovative and sustainable dispenser solutions such as pump dispenser system, smart care dispenser system and press + wash dispenser system. We have 30 years of research and experience to tap into. Around the world, we deliver our products to 8.942 Hotel Groups and Hotels who continuously confirm their satisfaction. We take our responsibility towards nature, people and the environment seriously. Our dispensers are 100 % recyclable. By using all the dispensers so far produced by ADA, the production of millions of smaller packaging is also avoided, reducing the amount of plastic waste that is therefore brought into circulation.



small portions avoided

20.492 Tonnes

less plastic waste

38.421.618 Litre

less liquid waste

368.300.669 $

savings for our Customers


satisfied hotel groups & hotels

from our
loyal customers

We have had a positive response from guests. They appreciate the convenience, environmentally friendly packaging, and quality of the fragrance .. The Dispenser System provided by ADA Cosmetics International, has cut down significantly on unused / wasted product, reduced costs significantly and proven most beneficial to my staff, my guests and the environment.

Katherine Doehler, GM
RIU Plaza New York Times Square

Modern travelers are looking to us to make changes that will create a meaningful difference for the environment while not sacrificing the quality service and experience they expect from our hotels.

In our quest to reduce single plastic use waste, we were among the pioneers in the Middle East to introduce ADA Cosmetic International’s Smart Care Dispenser System in all properties five years ago. We have to admit that the initiative not only achieved exceptional improvement in plastic waste while maintaining the overall positive engagement from our guests, it has as well resulted in 40% cost reduction in guest amenities consumption.

Richard G. Haddad, Chief Executive Officer
Jannah Hotels & Resorts

For more than 20 years, we rely on ADA Cosmetics International's cosmetic and dispenser expertise for our highly visited thematic hotels. The completely emptyable dispenser flacons, as well as the robust and high quality brackets, have impressed us very much in the last years. Per year and hotel, we can avoid over 585,000 small portions with the dispensers and thus save the environment approx. 4.6 tonnes of plastic waste. ADA Cosmetics International is innovation and sustainability oriented and therefore a strong partner for us.

Andrea Heiermann, Manager Housekeeping, Hotel Colosseo / Hotel Bell Rock
Europa Park

Nature . People . Environment

It is a challenge to manufacture cosmetics in a consistently high level of quality and availability. In so doing, ADA International is conscious of its responsibility towards people and nature. This understanding enables us to develop products which help make people feel good. At the same time, we act in an environmentally sustainable way – along the entire value chain. Acting sustainably for us means allowing ourselves to be led by long-term values. We also want to leave behind intact resources for future generations.


The energy usage and the accompanying carbon emissions during the production of our products are important for us. For this reason, we work with state-of-the-art systems which produce in a way which is comparatively energy-saving and low in emissions. For example, we use a cold process for the production of body lotions. This saves 40 percent of energy. By converting to natural gas, we were able to drastically reduce our carbon footprint. It is also sometimes the small things that have a great impact: for example, we produce close to our customers. To save resources and contribute towards protecting the environment, we buy the necessary raw materials from regional suppliers where possible.


ADA Cosmetics International therefore limits the usage of water as far as possible, particularly in the production processes. By using modern technologies, our water consumption has been reduced to a minimum. Our company conforms to the strict requirements of the German Water Resources Act. It contains stipulations which concern the protection of the use of ground water. Ground water is a significant component of the water cycle and essential for the various natural ecosystems. Even if our cosmetics end up in the wastewater after use, the water quality should be impacted as little as possible.


We take care that consumption of materials and the volume of waste is limited from the start by using resource-saving production techniques. An additional aspect is the environmental impact of our products. We view this in two ways: in the biodegradability of the ingredients and in the recyclability of the packaging. Any of our products which end up in the wastewater after use are optimised with regard to their biodegradability. Our product packaging consists mainly of PET, a material which is 100 percent recyclable. We are also increasingly using PCR (post-consumer resin), a material made of already recycled plastic which can also be fully recycled again after use.

Benefits for you
and the environment.

  • Less plastic is used in the production of dispensers compared with small cosmetic bottles.
  • Less time effort required to install and exchange in bathrooms and therefore reduced staff costs.
  • Due to the possibility to use the liquid to the last drop, cosmetic liquid is not wasted with the efficient Dispenser Systems.
  • The use of dispensers causes considerably less plastic waste.
  • Our packaging material is optimized for recycling.
Sustainable Hotel
Reduced Costs

Our Solutions for you

Smart Care Dispenser System

Contemporary | Extra-hygienic | Sustainable | Easy handling

press + wash Dispenser System

Bestseller | Proven | Economical | Recycled Materials

Pump Dispenser System

Retail Look | Flexible | Convenient | Sustainable

Green Certifications

ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 standard has constituted the basis for the set-up, launch, monitoring and further development of environmental management systems since 1996.

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Nordic Swan is the environmental label of the Nordic Council of Ministers.


Ecocert is the largest private, independent monitoring and certification authority in the environmental sector. Cosmetics are checked for ecological and organic quality and awarded the following label: "Organic cosmetic" or "Natural cosmetic".


GoGreen is a service offered by Deutsche Post that provides carbon neutral sending of letters and parcels.


FSC promotes environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically sustainable management of forests.

Fair Trade

Improvement in the economic, social and ecological conditions for farmers and producers in developing countries.


The European Union environmental label for ecological products gives recognition to products that only have a minimal impact on the environment.

Make the shift

with our experts

Our experts will be pleased to advise you on making the shift from small hotel cosmetic portions to sustainable dispenser systems. Contact us to find out how you can be more sustainable and save money with our hotel cosmetics solutions.

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