Thursday 24. October 2019

#6 Eleven aspects hoteliers consider for hotel cosmetics

Eleven criteria and eco-friendly hotel amenities that should be well-considered.

Products should be in line with the hotel concept and meet the needs of the target group.
Also, they should be pleasing in terms of performance, fragrance, aesthetic, and trends. Initial purchase and replacement costs are as important as the anti-theft aspect, product safety and hygiene for guests and stuff – time and complexity of handling and replacement should also not be left out. All those needs are fulfilled by ADA Cosmetics International’s closed dispenser systems.

A hotelier’s choice concerning hotel cosmetics depends on many different aspects and should be well-considered before taking a final decision. Common criteria to consider when choosing a guest-room amenities range include the following:

  1. Product performance: easy handling for guests and also housekeeping staff
  2. Fragrance: neutral, unisex or focus on a certain target group or hotel concept
  3. Aesthetic: in line with the design and material of the hotel
  4. Trends: the suitability of scents and ingredients for specific movements and trends like sustainability, for example
  5. Target group needs: products that are suitable for different target groups – business or family, low budget or upscale
  6. Hotel concept: luxury, ecological or regional – the perfect line for every style and also the perfect product choice
  7. Costs: initial purchase and replacements costs
  8. Anti-theft aspect: a case of preparing or not caring
  9. Product safety: tamper-proof and hygienic
  10. Hygiene for guests and housekeeping staff: easy cleaning and exchangeability
  11. Time and complexity of handling and replacement process for housekeeping staff and
    management: refilling, transport and storage

ADA Cosmetics International’s closed dispenser systems consider all these aspects and find solutions that meet every need – even those regarding sustainability.

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